My name is Julie Crawford, and I'm a travel photographer and published author based in the Great Smoky Mountains. I live an intentionally crafted life fueled by lyrics verses, Mother Nature's churches, and authentic connection. Camp Crawford is a space for me to share the things that set my soul on fire. May you find your own reflection here and be inspired to show up as your favorite self.

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I'm Julie, welcome and may you feel at home here

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My essentials

Lyrics carry me through every single experience on this soulful journey.


It's where the world is quiet and I can hear my own thoughts.


It was a 25-day solo journey across the country that changed my life.

Road Trips

Capturing moments in time that will never again exist is powerful.


I've been drinking it since my grandma put it in my baby bottle.


"That my life's gonna see the love I give return to me"
- John Mayer

"Heaven is the arms that hold us long before we go"
- Ben Howard

"Don't get caught up in caution when love exists"
- Dermot Kennedy

I believe:

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